Is it really true that the only permanent thing in this world is change? Well, we often see a lot of changes happening all around us. It may or may not be for the better, but most of the time, changes happen for a great reason. People are often judged because they allowed changes to happen to them. But the truth is, people don’t usually get mad because you have changed, they get mad because they were not expecting those changes to happen that soon. They just can’t handle it and this is why they react differently. However, there are some changes that are freely accepted not because they were prepared for it, but simply because they have known that things were bound to happen.

Change has visited Trevor Laws as he joined the St. Louis Rams in April of this year for a one-year contract deal. He wasn’t exactly on the top of the list among those available, especially since he hasn’t recovered from his knee injury. He also did not live up to his status as an Eagle although landing at 47th inสมัครufabetเว็บแม่ the overall draft pick back in 2008. Despite that, St. Louis picked him because they needed a rotational defensive tackle to strengthen their poor defense and until he recovers, he’ll be placed in reserve.

Leaving his former team was not that easy at all. But he has to make this new journey and be part of a new team that he can build good memories with.

Now talking about memories, way back in high school (Apple Valley, Minnesota), football wasn’t the only sport that he was good at. He was into wrestling as well. He was so good that he headed his own team to win 3 championships. He was also named the best heavyweight wrestler in the nation because he had a 49-0 record.

Now, can you imagine why he is that good in defense? Well, he certainly used his wrestling skills and he definitely knows how to use his body. He has been very well-trained and it makes you wonder why he didn’t pursue his wrestling career.

But Laws is not just a man in the ring and field; he is also a man of books who has majored in Marketing and Sociol